Right Here’s Why There Is Certainly No thing that is such “No-Strings-Attached” Intercourse

“Sex is obviously about thoughts. Good intercourse is approximately free feelings; bad intercourse is all about blocked thoughts.” ― Deepak Chopra

A present research posted in PLOS One discovered something shocking: During autopsies, scientists discovered that females had genetically distinct male cells inside their brains. It had been a hugely significant finding, because it had been quite shocking that lots of different male cells could actually cross the blood/brain barrier. And even more importantly, where on earth did most of these male cells come from?

There are some different theories. Probably the most popular is the fact that male DNA gets in the woman’s human anatomy via sex. This possibility ended up being talked about on YourNewsWire, “Every male you absorb spermatazoa from becomes a residing section of you for a lifetime. The ladies autopsied in this research had been elderly. Some was in fact carrying the male that is living inside them for more than 50 years.”

Wow. If true, that is news that is absolutely earth-shattering. For a long time, i have already been telling ladies that the hook-up culture could be harmful for their minds and hearts if casual intercourse is not really their desire. In a one-night-stand,” I would warn, but I could tell that my words would sometimes fall on deaf ears“If you are looking for love, don’t expect to find it.

Because we are now living in a tradition where male sexual joy tends to simply take precedent.