‘i might never ever Date a lady Again, But I Still Identify as Bisexual’

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“When’s the time that is last dated a female?” I get expected this all the full time, and it’s most likely my minimum question that is favorite my (bi)sexuality. You will find a number of explanations why the question bothers me a great deal. First, it is a loaded question, in line with the false premise you need to date both women and men similarly to become “truly” bisexual. With this specific concern, folks are implying that I’m gay because I’ve just dated men when it comes to previous years that are few.

Bisexuality, nonetheless, doesn’t have a statute of restrictions. After 3 years of dating males, my bisexuality doesn’t magically disappear, and I also don’t revert to being homosexual. I don’t need certainly to actively date multiple genders in purchase to determine as bisexual. Then i absolutely have the right to claim a bisexual label if I’m still attracted to multiple genders to various degrees, physically and/or emotionally.

The reason that is second real question is bothersome also just a little triggering is really because i am aware the individual asking the question won’t believe my reasoning. Put simply, also when I get on my mini tirade saying as you are able to nevertheless be bisexual while primarily dating one sex, We know they won’t trust me. They could nod their minds like they are doing, but i am aware they’re likely reasoning to by themselves, “Yeah, we have that, but like, really. When’s the time that is last also had intercourse with a female? You’re gay for several intents and purposes, right?”

To be honest, we may never ever really date an other woman in my own life time. We really hope I do, but In addition understand that it is not likely given my life style. I just don’t fulfill lot of females who want to consider dating me personally.