11. “The Fingerprint Survey” continues building the idea that all individual is unique via drawings.

Where in actuality the Peanut Butter and Jelly Survey targets personal choices, this study explores a far more high level of personal distinctions. It sexactly hows what sort of instruction that is single as an example, “Draw a stick figure doing one thing, ” makes its method through an individual’s brain and previous experiences before it becomes lines and colors in writing. It really is a way that is tangible show that every of us includes a mind and life tale this is certainly uniquely ours, with clues compared to that tale inside our drawings and also the ideas that creates them.

12. “Emma and Tyler use the Fingerprint Survey” describes two sets of study reactions. People who perform “The Fingerprint Survey” compare Emma and Tyler’s study outcomes using their own. Tyler functions as a healthy part model, too, while he will not choose to draw but participates despite their not enough self- confidence.

13 & 14. “Fingerprints, choices, and Fingerprint Decisions” (13-Girl Version) and “Fingerprints, choices, and Fingerprint Decisions” (14-Boy variation) introduce and determine the terms choice and fingerprint choice when it comes to time that is first The Sampler. It starts having a conversation associated with the difference between fingerprints between identical twins, shifting with other items that distinguish us from a single another, like our mind, environment, and experiences. That results in a directory of the various forms of decisions that people make. The tale closes with a full page dedicated to a meaning and conversation of fingerprint choices.

15. “Learning About Skunks and Stereotypes” introduces and describes stereotypes.

Skunks supply a concrete and universally recognized instance instance. The storyline defines exactly exactly exactly how stereotypes is a good idea in a few full instances, and damaging in other people.

The description of both good and bad stereotypes lays the groundwork for future conversations of both.