I’ve already revealed my selection of the very best (or bottom, according to the way you look you hear in grad school at it) five worst pieces of advice.

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More Advice that is bad Grad Get

Image: John Cusack as Mike Enslin in 1408

Now I’m straight back with five more items of bad advice. Actually, record could possibly be endless—there’s a regrettable amount of people|number that is unfortunate of} who will be spouting terrible things with this topic, on a regular basis.

A few of the advice that is lousy heard myself, plus some we heard from colleagues’ horror tales. Since we won’t ever have a tenure-track task, personally i think it is my ethical responsibility to place some giant, flashing indicators across the bad advice that perfectly well-meaning individuals might provide to graduate pupils.

1. Despair is normal among doctoral students, and that means you should simply tough it out/exercise more/throw yourself into the work/do some yoga. Sadly, despair is common in grad school—or at the least it is common sufficient to be a fairly big concern. Though, as Jacqui Shine points down, a Ph.D. system does not cause depression—depression does. But despite the fact that that is true, the working conditions in academia can exacerbate all kinds of mental illness.