What exactly is a money loan that is hard?

A hard cash loan can be an equity-based loan utilized as being a connection to finance the borrower’s instant economic needs. Generally speaking it really is a short-term solution (6 months to two years) for consumers whom require quick money. Many hard cash loans can be used for tasks enduring from a couple of months to a couple years. It really is employed for various types of real-estate guaranteed financing such as for example commercial, retail, industrials, natural land, construction, rehab, solitary family residence, and multi-family domiciles.

Just how do I get pre-qualified for a difficult cash loan with Socotra Capital?

It is actually easy. You could begin by either the brief or Long Form Application or you can easily contact a loan expert at (855) 889-7626 . We shall review the procedure with you and respond to all of your questions.

wemagine if We have bad credit? Can we nevertheless get that loan?

Yes! Our hard money underwriting instructions concentrate mainly on equity maybe not borrower credit. we have accepted borrowers with low fico scores, prior bankruptcies, and foreclosures. We also make loans to foreign nationals and entities without any . If a bank turns you down, phone Socotra Capital. We have been willing to react quickly and effortlessly to fulfill your requirements.

Just how very long does procedure simply take from pre-qualification to funding?