I disagree with David #5. The clear answer is not to escalate the video game.

Evan #11 is appropriate.

I would personally expect the bf can do just exactly just what he has got doing to keep the video game going until he is able to switch it in the favor and carry on milking just as much as they can through the relationship. Participating in the video game, by any means whatsoever, can give him just exactly what he desires: use of your eyes so he is able to feel his value and access to your body so he can pleasure himself so he can see himself, access to your heart. It’s this that you might be working with IF he certainly is narcissistic. The eye from online dating sites is simply more food for the narcissist. This is the reason he won’t end. The narcissist has to fill their empty heart.

@Paul Mawdsley – we agree along with your evaluation for the situation.

In terms of Barb is worried – simply walk and not never look right straight straight back. I was in a similar situation up until 6 months ago. I happened to be in a relationship with some body for more than a 12 months – we lived together for the year. It’s normal to still be dating that is online dating in general for the very first thirty days you’re getting to learn some body. You’re nevertheless getting to understand an individual – and you also don’t understand past a date or two if he/she will interest you or you will interest them. You don’t determine if she or he is seeking a relationship or perhaps is simply enthusiastic about the date experience that is one-two. So it’s completely normal not to be commited in the 1st thirty days you date somebody.