The St Nick of Marketplace Street. Richard Dan happens to be called the unofficial mayor of marketplace Street

A payday loan, a general-merchandise store, a space he describes as “the outlet of unclaimed goods,” and Kama‘aina Loan & Cash for Gold, where astute shoppers can snag high-end accessories or fine art at surprisingly low prices on one block between Main and Vineyard, five storefronts are his: a pawnshop.

Hollywood has sullied the image of pawnshop clientele. Nearly all of Dan’s clients will work individuals: a small business owner whom requires that loan to pay for payroll, or a new few arranging a lu‘au that is first-birthday. Often a resort concierge will deliver a visitor that hasn’t the bucks to pay for their bill. And there’s the casual snowbird whoever $14,000 homeloan payment is born at an inconvenient time.

Some clients bring things to not pawn, but to offer. A signed Abraham Lincoln document, a papal bull, a railroad car, and post cards signed by Father Damien in his career Dan has bought and sold an entire art gallery. There’s a retired judge who regularly sees diamond stud earrings for their spouse. They are called by him their “doghouse secrets.”

Behind the countertop, a labyrinth causes a classy personal space.

In the event that product you need to purchase, pawn or sell is valuable sufficient, Dan will be sending a limo to select you up and welcome you in by a split entry.

Their bread and butter originates from the pawn company. “Many people don’t have actually bank records,” he describes.